Monday, December 5, 2011

New Beginning


Long time no see, blogger :D

It's been a LOOOONGG time.......
Well, lots of new things happened in my life.
I met new friends, changed, became more sociable, and met this special person of my life<3

I won't be here that much though (. ______________ .)
Only when I have... time.

It's nice to be back though...
ja ne~ :3

New Person,
Ruth Ang

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Why do I get teased a lot?
Sometimes I get teased a lot O.O"
I mean I try to ignore them but inside my heart is burning..
I might get a heart attack -dies-
most of the things I get teased about is this guy at school =_=
They think I like him but REALLY I DO NOT LIKE HIM!! -shot-
I don't know why they think were going out but there's something wrong with them
-glares- Going out with someone is a hard choice you know
(for me D'8 )
especially if your family --------------------- (not typing it down)
and if your parents are ----------------------
they'll make rumors!!
I don't like it when they do that..
Sheesh Oh well I guess that's life for me DX
Make a good choice, ignore them, just continue on your goals and dreams.
~ Amu Himeka

Friday, September 24, 2010


Almost All My Friends Has Experiences
Almost all of them has experiences of being in love with someone and they're going out =_="
I mean some people just want to try it without even realizing how it would damage their life..
Some though, chose it with the guy they love
Isn't it hard to hide it away from your parents when they don't want you to have one?.
Isn't it also hard to be not attached with them, seeing them with some other girl, or when they don't want you anymore?..
As my friend said (which is true), "Love is a BIG word."
Love is a hard word to use when it comes to having a relationship..
Most, regret of going with someone they don't even like or it made their life worse.
There's this guy I've been interested in ever since last year though I don't know how to approach him.. I have never in my life talked to him.
I tried but many times have I failed..
I see him a lot, though I have this feeling of wanting to talk to him but I really cannot..
How am I going to able to talk to him just.. once..
Maybe its because I have a scared feeling of being found out by my parents with him..
Or is it if he asks me out?.. Should I say Yes or No?..
If I say yes he might break up with me which is one of the bad feelings I have..
What should I do?..
I tried many times to Listen to my Heart however it never worked out..
Love Is One Of The Challenging Quest Some Will Face
- Amu Himeka

Saturday, August 14, 2010


YO! I'm (kinda) back 8D
ok.. school started and it isn't that bad *nods*
and I have lots of works to do (edit, draw, and many more..)
I don't have many friends from my old class in my new schedule..
It's okay though :D
I mean I made NEW friends :)
I just HOPE nothing goes wrong THIS YEAR
but I HAVE to try and balance my schedule..
(I need to EDIT VIDEOS)
its kinda FUN just EDITING PHOTOS

- Amu Himeka  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I miss you Oregon...
We went to Oregon for my parent's training...
and life there was okay but really I still miss it...
I got to talk to some of my friends
and life was pretty much easy  >.>
However, when the following week came...
at first I didn't want to...
but then I kinda liked it since it was fun  :))
there's this guy though  >.<
he irritates me for A LOT of reasons
He's MEAN.
and most of all he said a bad thing about California!!!
I heard it SINCE he was on my back =_=
he's soo...
he brags too much  =___________________________=
I wasn't actually interested on making games
I'm more interested in graphic designing
ohh well.... I got bored and just worked on the simple game that I wanted to make
there was LOTS of funny moments but they're too long to type it here
I'll keep it to myself  ^^""""
We went to the Crater Lake
and ohh my~
it was soooo BEAUTIFUL
the water reflection is soo blue~
*ehem* okay back to the school times...
well on the LAST DAY we HAD to present our games
and when it was my turn I was kinda nervous so instead of saying the first word that I was suppose too.... I-i.... said the second word!!!
so I kept on saying the line AGAIN and stopped when I got the correct one O.O''''
then I stopped explaining when I HAD to play my game
when I played it I kept on messing up (on MY OWN game  xDDDD )
then I heard someone said, "Hers is better than yours."
I kinda giggled   >v< (for some reason)
after I was done everyone was SUPER SILENT
I said, "Credits." and that was when everyone clapped
Our teachers said it was great or it was awesome or good job or you did great
the teacher that recommended us (me and my sister) said, "I'm touched."
xPPPPPP   it was because on the credits it said Thanks to: Mr. (his name)
and it was in black bold and italic letters. It was ALL his fault that, that day happened...
After MY presentation my other classmates were kinda... PALE (or something)
I wonder why.... was it because of my game?...
ohh well... when I saw that DUDE that I DON'T like he was pretty QUIET (surprising)
I went back to thank our teachers, and they said it was AMAZING (and lots of COMPLIMENTS again) one teacher told me I never knew it would be that good since you're only interested in graphics   >w<   I told him, "Tutorials." (which is true because I read them)
I told them this is my LAST camp.... Thank you for everything
they told me have a safe trip back to California and I'm going to miss you
(I am too~ *touched*)
I never knew that something soo small can be soo big....
(There's a lot more to say but I can't type it...)
Good Luck For Me (and You) In The Future  :)  

- Amu Himeka

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


this thing sure is big...  O _ O
I wonder if they're going to make one like this or if they did it already but need to fix it....
it looks kinda cool though  :))))
lots of applications  ^o^
if they made one..... people might buy it    V.V
but I don't know how much its going to cost though  ^^""""
..........I think its going to cost alot!!!!!!!  $.$
I'd like to have one (for free) but I'd rather buy something else instead though..
I wonder why (hmmmm...)
ohh well~~~
I just know that it might be cool~

- Amu Himeka